This itinerary will lead the visitor to the rediscovery of one of the most significant works left by the Borbone Family in Campania. The Royal Palace of Caserta, one of the largest and most majestic residences ever built, costing 22 years of work, was designed and built by Luigi Vanvitelli, and completed by his son Carlo.


SITE: The Royal Palace of Caserta, one day at court
INPUTS: The apartments and the park (12 euros), mufflers/silencers for groups of more than 10 people (2 euros), park shuttle service (2.5 euros a / r)
ACCESS TO DISABLED: apartments only
OTHER COMPATIBLE ITINARIES: Casertavecchia, Real Setificio, Capua, Santa Maria Capua Vetere
Among the most beautiful mansions ever built in the world, the REGGIA DI CASERTA is the dream realization that the king CARLO III DI BORBONE had since childhood.


The complex consists of an imposing rectangular building with a symmetrical structure, with four courtyards joined by galleries and a vast park of 3 km, divided into 3 areas (the parterre, with the so-called old forest, the central area, with large pools of water, waterfalls and sculptural groups, the English garden, with arboreal trees of great value, lakes and streams) ending with the Great Waterfall, a spectacular jump of almost eighty meters.
Our guided tour will take us to discover the most beautiful rooms of the imposing building built around 4 courtyards, connected by majestic galleries, the result of the genius of Luigi Vanvitelli, a great artist of all time.

The 50 rooms of the King’s apartments comprise the grand staircase, the majestic palatine chapel, frescoes, beautiful paintings, furnishings from the 18th and 19th centuries, four-poster beds, tables, thrones, princely cradles, sedans, worthless objects of decoration and even an ancient elevator, all of which will make us experience the luster, court life, love affairs and intrigues of the royal family.

Recommended: Court Theater (open on weekends except the first Sunday of the month)
NB: THE AUTHORIZED TOURIST GUIDES OF THE CAMPANIA REGION have precedence for their groups at the ticket office.

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