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Tour Reggia di Caserta

The Royal Palace of Caserta tour with private guide

The Royal Palace of Caserta is doubtless one of the most sumptuous palaces in Italy.
It was built by King Charles III of Bourbon and the most illustrious artists of that time were called to paint, furnish and decorate it.
The architect Luigi Vanvitelli, in order to content the king, gave life to a sumptuous palace able to compete with the palace of Versailles for wealth and splendor. Visiting the Reggia with a guide means being able to appreciate every detail and know the history and curiosities of this enchanting place.

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La reggia di Caserta - Tour con guida privata

Half day tour to the Royal Palace of Caserta

At the ticket office of the Reggia you will meet your guide who after the presentations will accompany you to the first stage of your visit: the Historical Apartments.

The Historical apartments

From the main entrance, you will reach the Piano Nobile from where you can access the historic apartments. Along the sumptuous Grand Staircase you will reach the upper Vestibule. Here you will admire the chapel of the Court which, although requested by the King on the inspiration of that of Versailles, the architect Vanvitelli managed to make a concentration of art and neoclassical beauty. The several antechambers and the Throne Room with the emblematic gildings, the clear references to mythology and above all the evident representation of the absolute power of the sovereigns will be expertly told with references and anecdotes to court life. Halls and salons of representation, private apartments, frescoed ceilings, paintings on the walls, sophisticated tapestries and furniture made by refined artisans. The life of the entire court revolved around the figure of the ruler. Everything was prepared to ensure the pleasure and comfort of the rulers and the court. Continuation to the Park. After about 2 hours between a historical anecdote and a court curiosity you will reach the second stage of our tour: the Park and the English garden

Appartamenti Reggia di Caserta

The Park and the English Garden

The Royal Palace of Caserta is located in a flat area, in perfect harmony between the monumental building and the surrounding landscape The architect Vanvitelli created a park of baroque inspiration that with the bewitching perspective made of fountains, lawns and gardens continues to enchant and excite for its undeniable beauty even today. Walking in the green gardens your guide will take you to discover the most beautiful corners of the Park and the English Garden. The magical fountains inspired by mythology, the informal Italian garden built by men with fake hills, ponds, canals and meadows, will be masterfully commented to lead you to the discovery of the cryptoporticus and the nymphaeum. The tour ends after about 4 hours

Parco Reggia di CAserta

Why choose the guided tour of the Royal Palace of Caserta?

The Royal Palace is the real Neapolitan royal residence, where you can relive the splendor and extravagant habits of the nobility of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Thousands of tourists every year are enchanted by the magnificence of these places but in many rooms are disoriented and cannot fully appreciate this jewel of the baroque-rococo period. The tour in the company of a guide will make the visit exciting and suggestive without forgetting the most important attractions and telling you the story of the nobles who lived in these magnificent rooms.

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