The project of Ferdinand of Bourbon was to create a colony with its own statute, dedicated to the work of silk, and housed in a city to be built, Ferdinandopoli.
Visiting the Borgo, the Belvedere palace, the royal apartments, the bathroom of Queen Carolina, the church of San Ferdinando, (all beautifully restored and decorated) will reconstruct the singular history and the bizarre personality of RE FERDINANDO II of BORBONE.


DURATION: Half day
INPUTS: Real silk factory (6 euros whole, 3 reduced)
OTHER COMPATIBLE ITINERARIES: Royal Palace of Caserta, Sant’Agata de Goti
San Leucio

The point of excellence of the whole complex is the ancient silk factory with its working looms, the large water wheel and the Silk Culture and Industrial Archeology Museum. There is also a magnificent garden with citrus and fruit trees, which offers a wonderful view of the Royal Palace, Mount Vesuvius and Naples.
With a special authorization it is possible to visit THE HOUSE OF THE TESSER, the dwellings that the king assigned to young couples of workers.


A panoramic road will take us 400 meters above sea level to reach the ancient village on the slopes of the Tifatini mountains, 10 km away, north-east direction from Caserta.

In the Middle Ages it constituted the center of Caserta. Since 1960 it has been among the most important Italian national monuments
The visit of the ancient city brings us back over the centuries, at the time of its ancient splendor during Lombard and Norman domination.
Here it seems that time has stopped, almost like in a fairytale: the view that can be enjoyed here is wide-ranging throughout the area of ​​Caserta and Naples, up to Mount Vesuvius and the Campi Flegrei.
The beauty of its Romanesque monuments is unparalleled; The Duomo and the bell tower, in particular, are worth visiting, as well as the village, which are among the most important and ancient of Campania.

An atmosphere of mystery and legend surrounds buildings and houses, which are almost intact.
This beautiful location is the natural setting for a music festival that is held there every year in September, and many films have been set there, many have seen the great screenwriter and director Pier Paolo Pasolini in these premises.

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