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Standing on a marvelous panoramic position, lying on a rocky outcrop, there stands Ravello.
Its wide sight on the gulf, its natural and artistic beauties, its so particular atmosphere made of discretion and silence, make it an oasis of infinite tranquility.

SITE: Ravello, the balcony of the World
DURATION: Half day
ENTRANCE: Museo del Duomo 3 euro, Villa Rufolo entire price 7 euro reduced 5 euro (group rate 6 euro per person) Villa Cimbrone 7 euro.

Founded in the sixth century, around the year one thousand, the history of Ravello is closely connected with that of the ancient Amalfi Republic, although its autonomous ecclesiastical institution and the continuous struggles with the nearby city of Scala suggest a certain independence that grew even after the destruction of Amalfi as a maritime power.
The powerful Ravello was, in fact, hostile to Amalfi, which did not recognize authority in the figure of the doge (it is assumed that the name derives from Rebellum, rebel) and it became docile to the lures of the Norman house, thanks to which it became independent from nearby Amalfi and got the title of an independent bishop’s seat since 1086.

Everything is there to know about its history concerns above all some great and noble families of merchants who entertained exchanges and economic and cultural relationships with Sicily and the East.

The remains of the churches and ancient palaces made with the unmistakable Sicilian-Norman style are still visible as evidence of the glorious past of a rich and powerful city that in the Middle Ages counted as many as 30,000 inhabitants.

The splendor of ancient maritime trade has long since vanished. Ravello was rediscovered by many writers and artists who consecrated it to the undisputed protagonist of the Grand Tour between 700 and 800.

Among these we remember the composer Richard Wagner, a name that still protects today the Ravello Festival, an international event held in the splendid setting of Villa Rufolo.
Not to be missed:
Piazza Vescovado and the Cathedral of Ravello
Villa Rufolo
Villa Cimbrone

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