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Pompei Tour con guida turistica privata

Pompeii Tour with Private Guide

Pompeii presents itself to the eyes of visitors as an incredible mirror through which to catapult into the Roman world. Walking along the streets frequented by tourists from all over the world, with the silhouette of Vesuvius in the distance is like finding yourself looking for clues, fragments of a thousand-year history that still involves and fascinates us.

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Tour scavi di pompei con guida

Half Day Tour of Pompeii

At the entrance of the excavations of Pompeii you will meet Febronia or a member of his staff who will accompany you along the most famous archaeological excavation in the world.


The eruption of Vesuvius in '79 A.D. was a huge tragedy for all the cities that were around the volcano at that time. Thanks to this catastrophe that buried them with their inhabitants, we have been handed down an invaluable heritage of knowledge about the Roman world of the first century AD. Archaeologists of the past and the present have made important discoveries: statues, mosaics and frescoes, finds of various kinds have emerged from the thick layer of ash and lapilli.

Reperti Pompei Tour

Accompanied by your private guide you will visit the forum, the political and commercial heart of the city, the spa, where free men and women spent pleasant time devoting themselves to body care, the lupanare, a place of pleasure and prostitution, the pistrinum, that was oven and mill of that time. We will continue the discovery of this incredible site with the house of Menandro, one of the most stately Pompeian residences, the House of the Ship Europe and the amphitheater that will be part of this exciting, careful and meditated raid in the social contest and culture of that time to reveal even the least known aspects of the ancient Romans. We will continue to the Garden of Fugitives, with plaster casts of men and women whose existence has dramatically blocked at that last moment between life and death.

Pompei Domus Visite Guidate Pompei

The domus, the streets, the architectural cunning together with many details of the daily stories of the ancient Pompeians will take you back to this extraordinary page of history. The duration of the tour varies according to the time available to you.

Domus Pompei Guida Autorizzata

Why choose the Pompeii tour with our private guide?

Pompeii is a very large site and for those who are not practical can be very dispersive. The presence of many domus and the large flaw of tourists can make your ride a bit stressful and tiring. Febronia and its staff will show you many fascinating things through paths designed and customized according to your time (even in a few hours). The history of Pompeii is fascinating, moving and glorious and it would be a shame not to know it through the words of an experienced guide.

In the hot periods of the year it is important to wear comfortable clothes and a hat. We also recommend to bring water and sunscreen.

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