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Paestum Tour

Paestum Tour with Private Guide

Paestum is an archaeological site of great beauty. It is one of the oldest villages in the Cilento and is located in the plain of the river Sele. Since its foundation in the sixth century B.C. by Greek exiles of Doric origin, it was dedicated to Poseidon, the god of the sea.
A different and fascinating tour that will take you to discover the Greek people and a thousand-year-old culture.

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Program of Paestum Tour

Febronia or a staff guide will be waiting for you at the ticket office of the excavations of Paestum. The archaeological site is surrounded by a mighty wall and its majestic temples, which have come down to us in an excellent state of conservation and are among the most appreciated monuments of the Greek era. The guide will lead you to the exploration of the oldest of them, the so-called 'Basilica' which was probably dedicated to Zeus and Hera. We will continue to the so-called temple of 'Neptune' which was also dedicated to Hera, the mother goddess, and which preserves the inner area with the cell practically intact. Then It will be the turn of the visit of the forum, administrative and commercial heart of the city in Roman times. Paestum also preserves an amphitheater that is considered among the oldest in Italy and among the best preserved.

The guided tour will continue with the so-called temple of Ceres, which was dedicated to the goddess Athena. This temple was also built in Doric style, but it has a Ionic pronaos inside. Meeting place of the ancient city was 'ekklesiasterion. A Greek public building modified to Roman use. The tour then continues with the Museum that preserves the many remains found in the area around the archaeological site and the tomb of the diver, one of the most valuable finds here preserved, with its magnificent painted slabs. The tour ends after X hours but not before taking one last photo in front of the ruins.

Why choose the Peastum tour.

The luxuriant nature, the green of the meadows and the pleasant shade assured by the pines, besides the indisputable beauty of its temples, make of Paestum one of the most beloved archaeological sites appreciated from the tourists of the whole world. This incredible cultural experience will allow a total immersion in the Greco-Roman world with in-depth references to mythology and history.

In summer it is better to put on a sunscreen, a hat and wear comfortable clothes.

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