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Villa di Poppea Tour Guidato

Oplonti Tour – Poppea’s Villa with private guide

In ’79 A.D. a volcanic eruption dramatically blocked the life of some cities that were under Vesuvius. From the ashes and from the eruptive material emerged in the twentieth century the magnificent Villa of Oplonti that is supposed to be owned by Poppea, second wife of the emperor Nerone. Today you can go back in time and see how the Roman patricians lived thanks to our tour and the explanations of our private guides.

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Visita Guidata Oplonti Villa di Poppea

Daily Tour to Villa Oplonti

At the ticket office of Villa Oplonti, you will get to know your private guide who will accompany you for about 2 hours in one of the best preserved villas in the area. Oplonti, the present Torre Annunziata, was a sub-urban residential district of the city of Pompeii. Probably, at the time of the catastrophe, the villa was temporarily uninhabited to allow a series of maintenance works. We might think, however, that its inhabitants did just in time to leave it, looking for an escape route from the sea side.

Affreschi Domus Oplonti

The residence has the characteristics of a Reggia, impressive is the number of rooms that made it up among atria, halls, spa, cubicles and internal gardens. It was also equipped with a swimming pool that we could define Olympic. Remarkable is the quality of the furnishings found, busts and statues in marble, and the frescoes in excellent condition. The paintings represent colonnades and perspectives towards ideal gardens with references to mythology and the animal world. The guide will take you to the different areas of the building and will tell you all about the DOMUS with particular attention to the frescoes and mosaics. The everyday life, the Roman otium, as the different activities took place in a dwelling destined to guarantee the 'pleasure' and the 'comfort' to the owners. A real incursion into the everyday life of the patricians that will allow you to discover anecdotes and curiosities about the ancient Romans.

Affresco Villa di Poppea

Why choose the Villa di Oplonti tour

If you have already been to Pompeii the Villa Oplonti is an excellent alternative tour less known than the excavations of Pompeii but with a huge cultural and historical value. A villa that preserves frescoes of various eras in excellent condition. A treasure that deserves to be admired and deepened.

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