One hundred wolves arrive in the city: the ‘Wolves coming’ installation in piazza Municipio

The ‘Wolves coming’ exhibition will be inaugurated in Piazza Municipio, in Naples, on November 14, 2019. These are the famous ” hundred wolves “by the Chinese artist Liu Ruowang, an exhibition that has traveled the entire globe and arrives in the city for the entire winter. It will be open to visitors until March 31, 2020. According to critics, the hundred wolves represent movement, changeability, instability, globalization.The installation in the city center, in front of the Town Hall, appears very significant. Each sculpture is about two and a half meters long and weighs 280 kilos.The group of wild animals – which as a whole represents, according to the curators, the threat to the common life of an established society – is made by the great Chinese sculptor Liu Ruowang, one of the major Chinese contemporary artists, 42-year-old whose artistic choices reveal precise political ideas.The exhibition is promoted by the Municipal Council for Culture and Tourism, organized by Lorenzelli Arte and Alfred Milot Mirashi with the c uratela by Ivan Quaroni and the collaboration of Federica Minesso.

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