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New discoveries in Pompeii: beauty emerges from the excavations in the Sanctuary of Athena

The first to be amazed and to be enchanted by the continuous wonders that emerge from the excavations of Pompeii is the general director of the Archaeological Park, Massimo Osanna, who closely follows the work of the experts. The ancient city, buried in 79 AD from the devastating eruption of Vesuvius, it returns objects of rare and delicate beauty. The ex votos of Roman Pompeii emerge from the Triangular Forum. The photos are on Instagram and it is Osanna himself who, as they are taken from the ground, is publishing the images of the new finds. “Excavation in progress in the sanctuary of Athena, in collaboration with the University Federico II of Naples – Prof. Osanna writes in the caption of the photos – From the land emerge an antefix that decorated the Doric temple (late 4th century BC) and figured terracotta offered as an ex-voto in the sacred space (III century BC) “.

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