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Naples has always been considered the city of the sun and the coast of the mermaids, cradle of history and culture.
In addition to this Naples, known and loved by international tourism, there is another more mysterious and unknown place, linked to rituals and secrets, magic and superstition.
Our guide will accompany you on a journey of true discovery of traditions, narratives and superstitions

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Program of the visit to Esoteric Naples

The meeting with the guide will be held at the entrance of the Cathedral of San Gennaro. The Cathedral of Naples is actually dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, but it houses the relics of the patron saint of the city. Saint Gennaro who works the miracle of the liquefaction of the Blood collected in the ampoules kept in the Chapel of the Treasure. Myth and legend, faith and disbelief, conviction and skepticism, will animate the story and explanations of the guide in relation to this phenomenon. The tour of Naples continues strolling through the lively concentration of shops of Presepiari (makers of cribs) in San Gregorio Armeno. We will enter the Church and the guide will tell you about the cult of Santa Patrizia and the miracles that happen several times a year. The Saint arrived here from Constantinople is linked to stories and legends, including the appearance of a mysterious liquid, the manna.

San Gennaro Napoli Tour

The tour continues with the Church of Santa Maria del Purgatorio in Arco, more famous in Naples as the church ‘de' e cape 'e morte' (skulls), with a visit to the church and underground hypogeum where the cult of the souls of purgatory is still practiced. One of the unmissable stages will be the guided tour of the San Severo Chapel where alchemy, masonry and art are the setting for the statue of Veiled Christ by Giuseppe Sammartino. The visit includes the descent into the crypt to admire the extraordinary and dismal anatomical machines. Out of this little treasure the tour will resume along Spaccanapoli that will wrap us with its scents of fried, baba and sfogliatelle. The aroma of coffee will bring us into the classic ritual of hospitality and generosity of this people.

Cristo Velato

Keeping on walking, we will reach the Church and the Cloister of Santa Chiara, here, you will know the miracle of Saint Stephen and the relief of the nuns. Our journey in the mysterious Naples can only lead us to the Devil’s Palace (Penne) with references to the rumors and legends of the neighborhood. Naples is an open-air museum and in every corner there is a treasure to discover. Our trip will lead us to Santa Maria La Nova with the Sarcophagus of the Demon. It seems that the Church, in fact, guards the remains of the famous Count Dracula. Our tour will end with a visit to the Church of the New Jesus, with clear reference to Masonic symbols and mysterious apparitions that have much to do with the Spire of the Immaculate Conception.

Tomba Dracula - Tour Napoli

Why choose the tour of Naples with our private guide?

With this guided tour you will discover that Naples is not only the sound of mandolins in romantic serenades. You will hear the shouting of the street urchins that animates the alleys, where the clothes laid out on the windows add folklore to the popular neighborhoods. You will be surrounded by the smell of incense from the churches that will be confused with the scent of Sunday ragout. You will come into contact with the true soul of this city and you will be surprised and fascinated.

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