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Ecolano Tour guidato

Herculaneum tour with private guide

Herculaneum was a rich residential center of the Roman aristocracy. The city was buried in 79 A.D. by the eruption of Vesuvius. The violence of the volcano overwhelmed it with a layer of lava that covered it completely well over twenty meters high.

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Domus Ercolano - Visita guidata Febronia

Herculaneum Excavation Tour (half day)

At the ticket office of the excavations of Herculaneum you will meet your private guide who will accompany you throughout the archaeological site and show you the wonderful finds while telling you the story of the glorious Roman people.


The visit of Herculaneum starts from the so-called Boat Pavilion where, among the most touching findings, there is a charred boat, with hooks, fishing tools and oars. The history of Herculaneum is very different from that one of nearby Pompeii. In fact, it was devastated almost twelve hours later. Lava has hidden the Roman city for centuries and protected and preserved it until the eighteenth century. With the start of the excavation operations in the Bourbon era, several private and public buildings were brought to light in an excellent state of preservation. In the ancient furnaces of the port were found skeletons, perhaps belonged to the poorest part of the population who was waiting to leave the city by sea. Next to the remains of the bodies were found working tools, keys, amulets, small objects and coins.

One of the stops of our guided tour is the House of the Deer, a luxurious residence overlooking the sea. The incredible beauty of the lost city is highlighted by frescoes and mosaics, but also wood, fabrics and papyri. Unlike in Pompeii, here the second floors are well preserved and give a clear and complete idea of the residential construction of the time. Precious finds, that testify culture and habits. The tour continues in the direction of Women’s Baths: a testimony of Roman culture in excellent condition. The guide will accompany you in the discovery of the house of the wooden Tramezzo and the Sannitica house. You will visit the Sacello degli Augustali, the male Terme with tales of public and private life of the ancient Herculaneums enriched with anecdotes and historical references. The ancient streets, mosaics and frescoes of these sumptuous houses, the moving end of this city blocked in time will be an integral part of this unforgettable visit experience.

Mosaici Ercolano Scavi

Why choose the tour of Herculaneum.

Ercolano is an archaeological site where to retrace the history in a moving and touching way. Unlike Pompeii it is less vast but contains many hidden treasures. The visit can be an excellent deepening if you have already visited the excavations Pompeii.

In the warm months it is recommended to dress cool clothes, wear a hat and bring sunscreen.

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