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Safeguarding the Faraglioni of the Isle of Capri and the surrounding marine area from neglect and environmental pollution caused by the continuous close presence of boats that often pass close by even at high speeds. And to make this become the occasion to deal more generally with the problem of the considerable and unruly maritime traffic in front of the island’s coasts. At the end of a summer that saw the association denounce, face and help favor the solution of some long-standing problems afflicting Capri, and among these mainly that of health, Federalberghi Island of Capri and participants of the Sea Table launch a new challenge aimed at protecting the environment of a territory whose beauty and fame is universally recognized. “For months we have highlighted the problem of land and sea traffic on Capri. While for the first we are waiting for a technical table with the interested parties and the new buses whose arrival has been announced for years but never arrive, for the protection of our sea we have identified a solution that could favor a drastic solution of the problem, at least on one side of the island: we want to launch the Faraglioni of Capri candidacy to the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List as far as the natural assets are concerned “announces the President of Federalberghi Island of Capri, Sergio Gargiulo. The rules dictated by the international organization that promotes the artistic and cultural heritage at world level, make possible the candidacy for those elements that are considered: 1 – natural monuments consisting of physical and biological formations or groups of such formations of exceptional universal value from the ‘aesthetic or scientific aspect, 2 – geological and physiographic formations and areas strictly d elimited constituents of the habitat of threatened animal and plant species, of exceptional universal value with a scientific or conservative aspect, 3 – natural sites or natural areas strictly delimited of universal value exceptional from the scientific, conservative or aesthetic natural aspect “We believe that the Faraglioni of Capri and perhaps also some other natural element of the island, such as the Natural Arch, if not the whole island as it happened for the Aeolian Islands, fully meet the requirements for registration in the Lists of ‘UNESCO. Capri is universally recognized for beauty, heritage and lifestyle. Capri is a small portion of Italy where globalization is already an ancient aspect because land at the center of ancient and modern traffic, be it economic or tourist. It is not by chance that it is called the Island of Tiberius because here the Emperor made Villa Jovis his home and Piazza Umberto, the famous Piazzetta, is called the Living Room of the World because it is a crossroads of people and races brought here by the fame of our island . For this reason we believe that the concept of World Heritage, which sees its universal application when the assets that constitute it belong to all the peoples of the world, beyond the territories in which they are located, has its natural landing here. And the Faraglioni, which are the symbol par excellence of Capri and place where everyone loves to be portrayed, are the element that, if protected, would help to maintain and pass on the fame and vocation of our island over time because what we do today remains in memory for the generations of tomorrow “adds Gargiulo.” Around this candidacy – concludes the entrepreneur from Capri – we intend to collect the adhesions of local institutions, business and cultural associations and the many friends of Capri scattered around the world but who regularly return on the island because we are sure that they too, like us, are aware that such recognition serves to preserve the inimitable beauty of our Capri ”.

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