Caserta Palace chosen for the set of the Sky fiction “Caterina la Grande”

The beautiful Royal Palace of Caserta, Campania boast all over the world, becomes once again a movie set. In these days the armored location of “a large Anglo-American production”, as reported by In fact, the second season of “Caterina la grande”, directed by Philip Martin and Nigel Williams, with the Oscar winner Helen Mirren as the Russian empress lived between 1762 and 1796, is being shot in the Vanvitellian complex. fiction, produced by Sky and Hbo, will debut in Italy on Sky Atlantic on November 1 at 9.15 pm, while in Caserta it is already working on the shooting of the new season. More than one hundred extras will be used for the scenes that will be shot between the park and the real apartments. With figures in princely clothes, Cossacks, soldiers and Orthodox priests, the Royal Palace of Caserta takes a step back in time to the eighteenth-century splendor of Tsarina Russia. After the coup d’état of 1762, which deposed the sovereign Peter III, his wife Caterina ascended the throne (born as Sofia Federica Augusta of Anhalt-Zerbs, in present-day Poland).

She modernized Western Russia, according to the ideas of enlightened absolutism: she was interested in the problems of education, founding the first institute of female higher education in Europe, finances and the creation of new towns founded on her order. But his policy led to an increase in the number of serfs, with the consequent popular discontent and the outbreak of numerous revolts, violently repressed, like the one led by the Cossack Pugačëv. Nevertheless the period of the domination of Catherine the Great is considered the golden age of the Russian Empire. She was buried in St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

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