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Capri tour with private guide

Capri is an island of timeless charm. Its countless beauties have won the hearts of painters, poets and writers.
With its quiet pedestrian streets, with its flower gardens and sunny vineyards is a place adored by all, able to create connections between heart and mind, to fascinate and make you fall in love.
The ‘rock’, as affectionately defined by its most frequent visitors, has always been at the top of the travel desires for most of the world’s tourists.

Why choose Febronia

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Capri Tour Febronia

Programme of the Capri tour

At the port of Marina Grande you will meet Febronia or a guide of her staff and you will board a typical open taxi in the direction of Anacapri.


Anacapri is the highest part of the island. The hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants have made it a unique and exclusive holiday destination. The first stop of our excursion is at the Church of San Michele, an enchanting Baroque monument with a majolica floor whose 'riggiole' represent Paradise and original sin. A show not to be missed! After the first visit the tour will continue with a guided walk in the center of Anacapri until you reach the panoramic terrace from which to admire and photograph one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Anacapri Tour San Michele

If you want you can visit the Villa San Michele owned by the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe. The guide will tell you about myths, legends and stories of this extraordinary island. With the chairlift it is easy to get to Mount Solaro from which you can admire the whole island from an incomparable point of view. At about 1:00 p. m. your guide will leave you some free time for lunch. Let your guide advise on the restaurants toavoid the "tourist trap" and you can taste the authentic dishes that the insiders eat. After lunch our tour continues with a new taxi ride, this time towards Capri.

Insalata Caprese - Pranzo a Capri


It would be enough to enunciate the crystalline color of the Blue Grotto, the splendid Gardens of Augustus and its charming and fragrant streets to get lost in a romantic dream. And when the eyes open again, the world will be there, in that touch of internationality of its 'Piazzetta', frequented by rulers, film and music stars, great entrepreneurs and politicians, who parade on a magical catwalk or sit at the tables of the bars, sipping drinks in a sornion 'dolce vita'. In Capri the guided walk begins along Via Roma, crossing the Piazzetta to reach the Gardens of Augustus, a series of flowered terraces from which to admire the majestic Faraglioni, the true witnesses of the magical history of this undeniable Tyrrhenian pearl which recall scenes from famous films and ads. From the terraces you can enjoy the extraordinary panoramic view towards Marina Piccola and the winding Via Krupp. The guided tour will continue at the Certosa di San Giacomo and the prestigious Via Camerelle. After this last stop we will return to Marina Grande by taking a taxi, here you will have free time to spend at the port, among the shops or on the beach. The tour ends after "X" hours.

Capri Tour Guida

Why choose the tour of Capri with a private guide?

In Capri you come in search of worldliness but you return for its incomparable beauty. Capri is a place as fascinating as chaotic. Especially in the hot months is important to make use of an expert guide who can take you to many places in a short time. Although the island is not very large it is rich in history and culture, therefore a guide will certainly give an extra quid to your trip.

In the hot months it is good to get sunscreen, hat and water. Wear fresh clothing and comfortable shoes.

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